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Vacation Time

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    I know that we get a new vacation day given to us at the start of each month (I think we get one on the 15th too, right?).  3 days ago I used 1 hour of those 24, but today it's telling me that I have 0 seconds left!!  I have received no new message that my games have been paused again in the last 3 days as nothing has been close enuf to trigger it.  Why then am I out already?  What happened to the other 23 hours?

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    You can use a minumum of 1 day of holiday at a time. It was a change for a year or two back. If have more than one game on the go, it will add the unused hours to other games. If only one, the unused hours are lost.

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    Makes sense too I guess... how can you have one hour of "vacation" ?  ^_^

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    Thanks TwoMove.  I noticed that my "time left" jumped, but I didn't know the direct connection.  That totally answers that.

    BorgQueen - I was just really busy and I missed making my move by an hour, so my vacation time kicked in.  Too many games going at once.  You'd think I'd learn by now.  Embarassed

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    Ah, yes, I can imagine that becoming a problem.  That's why I try really hard to keep my game count under 20!

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    I can remember when I used to run 70 games at a time...My name is BirdBrain, and I have been coming to these meetings for....screw it, get the chess board out!  :P

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