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Vote Chess is Gone!

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    That's it! Vote Chess is Gone!

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    i don t think so

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    We're looking into this... sorry.

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    Krish30 wrote:

    i don t think so

     aarrgghhh !! wormrose is not kidding !! Yell all my votechess is gone ! ....nah not to worry I am sure the staff will get them back for us hopefully Smile

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    hmmmmmmmmm that is wierd

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    As far as I know, all the games ae still there, you just have to rejoin them

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    coming back. give us some time.

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    When i enter a vote chess game, the pieces are gone, it was not like this before.

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    I had to rejoin all my vote chess games, and now I can't see the board positions. Additionally, one of my groups vote chess games was lost on time: link

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    In one of our games, the board was blank initially, but the pieces have reappeared now.  The encoding for the characters in the group named BLACK OR WHITE seem to have gotten all jumbled up.  Also I am getting notifications for vote chess games where I have not even rejoined the team.

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    I've been signed back into all of my games now.  The missing votes seem to have reappeared as well.  Thanks, Baseballfan, erik et al.

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    you have no idea how much work jay went through to get vote chess fixed. he really deserves our thanks!!

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    rigamagician wrote:

    I've been signed back into all of my games now.  The missing votes seem to have reappeared as well.  Thanks, Baseballfan, erik et al.

    No... no thanks to me at all. All I did was relay messages back and forth, the thanks for this go to Jay. 

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    Well done for restoring state... can you just check that the votes are still being treated correctly? I think I there might be a discrepency between the actual vote count and the calculated percentage of votes and therefore the vote that goes through.

    On this one - http://www.chess.com/votechess/game.html?id=11709

    after 8 votes we had:

    • 14...f5 (50%)
    • 14...Rfe8 (38%) 
    • 14...c5 (13%)
    • 14...Offer Draw (13%)
    (4, 3 and 1 votes for the moves listed - this was posted in the comments by one of the players, and which I can verify was correct at the time from memory)

    After the changes and fixes, and 9 listed votes we have:
    • 14...Rfe8 (40%)
    • 14...f5 (40%)
    • 14...c5 (10%)
    • 14...Offer Draw (11%)
    • 14...Rae8 (10%)
    So somehow, +1 vote for Rfe8 and new vote for Rae8... but only +1 vote total.

    Maybe the count itself is wrong, or maybe something odd happened because of voting during the changeover and therefore will go away on it's own.
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    All kudos to Jay then.  Great work!

  • #16

    I just got a message for a new vote chess game. The embedded link "Click here to go to this game" points to the message... not the game!

  • #17

    So far two of my vote chess games have been lost due to time outs since the upgrade. The vote chess games were inaccessible for almost two days due to the live chess upgrade. I thank Jay for his work but it should be noted that it was all just to get back what we had to start with and there still seem to be a few wrinkles. The URLs have all changed for vote games. Bookmarks are my main way of keeping up with vote games since there is no other list of games I am engaged in and no convenient way of keeping track of when time is running out.

  • #18

    I usually just go to the vote chess page of the groups I play for, and check the time left there.

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    I Accepted 16 new Vote Team Matches for my Teams for last Hour, and I am unable to go on and Vote at any of them! 

    Yesterday it was a same Story at another bunch of new Team Vote Matches!..

    It is really too early to 'thank you' notes!

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    Thank you, Awardchess, for the bug report, and for pointing out that it is too early for thank yous. Wink

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