Where is the Cool Hidden Stuff on Chess.com?


I've been here for 5-6 weeks now, and I've been finding lots of fun stuff on this site.  I'm convinced, though, that there is much more to mine here.

What players have the most-interesting profiles here?  I don't care if they are active or not: I just want a shortcut to learning about the inner social workings of the player base here, as well as their public interests.

Are there any deeply-buried forum threads that are a must-read for new people wanting to know more about the player base?  Anything really funny or interesting that is now a dead topic, but maybe shouldn't be dead?



Are you a member of the FBI or Interpol?


Nope.  I have a couple of Cisco certifications, though, and an expired library card.


Hmmm here are some recent recurring hot topics....

You got your: "Who's better? Fischer or Kasparov?" 

                    "I invented a new opening!"

                    "Someone's hacked the chess clock to cheat!"

                    "Am I too old to become a grandmaster?"

                    "People who don't rematch are cowards!"

                    "Saying Good Game after you beat someone is arrogant!"


They are mostly buried because they aren't exactly worthy of "shouldn't be dead" status, but should be good for starters to catch you up on anything you think you might have missed lol.

Oh yeah, and don't forget, "Can a 1300 player beat a 2700 rated grandmaster?"


This is a huge subject, let's start with the three most important pillars of modern culture and society:

http://www.chess.com/members/view/Lenny_Bongcloud (self-explanatory, sort of)

The CPOTM (Chess Player of the Month) -- A monthly thread that was wild, dangerous, illegal, filled with plotting, backstabbing and coups-de-topic plus a little S&M.

The If-You-Know thread -- an encyclopedic compendium of all possible answers, insights, speculations, and philosophical truths to the question of the meaning of strategically position. Unfortunately it ended after about two or three years and was deleted with its author, but there are references to it in other historical texts.


You left out some of the classic topics:

Bishops vs. Knights

Should I resign


Women in chess


I think I've got the gist of those topics.  I've seen them all quite a bit in the last few weeks, as well as variants of "What chess book do I need to read to get better?" and "Look at my win!"

The chess book question is a great one in my mind, and ought to be treated differently somewhere, IMO.  Maybe in the form of a massive chess book survey, cross-referenced with opinions of players from different ratings ranges and located in an obvious spot on the site.

I guess I'm looking for threads that have entertained the most people here, though.  Maybe what I'm asking for is something that is difficult to recall and/or find, though.  We'll see.  ;-)


And "Why does chess.com not apply the rules as I mistakenly assume them to be?"


Fischer vs Kasparov is another repetitive topic.


As for more amusing topics, anything that Cabadenwurt starts is usually amusing. 


ivandh: You're on the right track!  I'll do a little hunting.


One of my favorite threads was named "Computer". It was authored by woodshover, who has since changed his name. Here's the link below. I thought it was pretty funnyLaughing



corrijean: I'll check out Cabadenwurt, too.  Thanks!




I died when I saw erik's post in Computer.


I like this one as wellLaughing



I have read the Computer thread.  Ding ding ding!  Thanks!  ;-)


Now that I re-read the "Two Questions" thread from post #16, I think it really captures the essence of the forums. It starts out hopeful, becomes helpful, then it seems to transcend. So much so that Chess.com has to lock it up as yet another embarrassing episodeLaughing


If you're looking for premium entertainment, I wish you could see the Daeth thread. It was the biggest thing since sliced bread for a while. Sadly, our friend Daeth isnt here (or possibly got banned), so the archives are missing a vital piece of chess history.

Every week I play Daeth's opening in memorial. R.I.P. Daeth. 


What's the Daeth thread called? Maybe it's on Google?