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Who owns chess.com?

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    What do we know about who owns this site? When was it started? Who makes the decisions? Is it profitable?

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    Ok great info. Good to know. Is it profitable?

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    none of your business dude... what a dumb and rude question...

    bronsteinitz...can you give me your bank account details?

    How much money do you have in it? 

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    You're late to the party.

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    Nateymar you shut up all of us owns chess.com

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    the CEO is erik

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    Here is the info in question. And it is public information.


    Erik Allebest, Jay Severson


    Play. Learn. Share.



    Alexa rank

    1,060 (December 2016)




    June 2007

    Current status



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    It's great, JMHO. One can quickly start playing. And when I noticed many messages and comments after weeks, I was positively surprised.


    What eludes me is that there are pairings of good players vs beginners. The good players won't advance by beating 1001 weak players, will they? 

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    lastthirsk, Chess.com bans players for engine use all the time. If those sites are  so much better, why are you here trolling are forms? Go to one of those sites and be a moron.


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    Wow, Erik's last name is like the signoff on a letter. happy.png

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    lastthirsk wrote:

    It is probably the worst chess site on the net. The people who own it don't have a policy against users of chess engine software, whereas Lichess.org and Chesscube do have and excercise a strong policy against cheating on chess sites. It seems Erik and Jay don't have the inclination to take care of the problem on their site. 

    This post is dumb (does chesscube still exist? What a crappy site)

    But it's true businesses don't give a shit about the long term. They made their money, and so now they won't put in any extra effort. Just hire some new programmers to attempt to fix the spaghetti code the first guy wrote. all while their bank accounts grows for doing nothing but signing checks. Good job Erik, you're so valuable to the company (not).

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    I wouldve bet my bottom dollar that it wouldve been a bunch of white nar sups without looking at the pic lololololololololololololol 


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