who amongst all the chess players on this site is the youngest player and from where? and who is the oldest player and from where?. this is just a fun thing for you lot out there so let us have your guesses.thanks brian104ukk

I'm 16 and I'm from England. I've played a 12 year old on here before though, so I know I'm not the youngest.
i'm 14 years old, but i played someone who is 10 years old.
I think there was someone here born in the 1930s.  I was born in 1951 and have been playing for over 40 years.  There are at least a dozen others older than me according to their birthday recorded here.  I have played a 12-year old so far, but there may be some younger players.
My daughter plays here with the handle Torica. She was 10 when she started on this site.
I'm 65 which seems old according to profiles I've read. However I did play someone from Malta whose birthday was given as Dec. 13 1901, which makes them 106 yrs old.???? 

"However I did play someone from Malta whose birthday was given as Dec. 13 1901, which makes them 106 yrs old.??"


You're only as old as you feel....


"However I did play someone from Malta whose birthday was given as Dec. 13 1901, which makes them 106 yrs old.???? "


The miracles of the mediterrenean diet! 

I'm 14, my brother's 12, and we're from North of Detroit, Michigan, USA.  My brother has played a person who was 90-some years old, and I think he was from Afghanistan.  The miracles of the Internet! :)
Im 15,and Im begining to feel oldYellthis is one of my photos
jega! stop're only 11!  lol
billwall wrote: I think there was someone here born in the 1930s.

Crikey, Bill, you know how to make a man feel old.  The 1930s don't really seem to be all that long ago.

I suppose it depends how you look at things.  My birth certificate says I'm 70 but my 17 year-old brain insists that's a lie.  Until, of course, my 85 year-old knees give it a few not-very-subtle reminders.

And where am I from?  Well, Charles Schulz (of Peanuts fame) once said, "Don't worry that the world might end today; it's already tomorrow in Australia."  So I guess I live in Tomorrowland.



70 years young is good.  Enrico Paoli was playing master chess until he died in 2005 at the age of 97.

Korchnoi, born in 1931, is still playing Grandmaster chess at 76.

Oscar Shapiro first became a chess master at the age of 74.

Grandmaster Arthur Dake was still playing chess at the age of 90.

Harlow Daly won the championship of Maine at age 85.

Edith Price won the British Ladies Championship at age 76.

Robert Scrivener won the Mississippi championship at the age of 80.

H.B. Hinton of Adelaide was still playing chess at the age of 103.

Jared Moore (1893-1995) was still playing postal chess at the age of 100.

Vassily Smaylov won the Staunton Memorail at Groningen at the age of 75.


Hi Bill,

One of our local wags once said that "the best place to be is here and the best time to be here is now". I've got no problems with age.  It's only the lucky ones who get to stay around this long -- and I'm not planning on going anywhere for a while yet.

But I have a particular use for your  age quotes.  With your permission I could build a story around those people for our U3A web page.

Incidentally, I was reading your profile last night and was staggered by your accomplishments.  It reminded me of  Australian artist Norman Lindsay who died in 1969 at age 90.  He was a painter, sculptor and author, and his output was prolific.  Somebody once asked him how he managed to fit so much into one lifetime and (this is where I found a parallel to you) he said, "I divide each day into three equal portions: eight hours for work, eight for recreation, and eight for sleep.  Then I do away with recreation and cut down on sleep."

That's an impressive CV on your home page, Bill. 



You (or anyone else) can use anything of mine in any way or format you wish.  I like Lindsay's answer.  For me, it is probably 9 hours of work, 9 hours of sleep, and the rest divided between chess, tennis, and my wife.  Then I have 3 days off every second weekend and use that extra day for recreation.

With such an age range, I suppose people should be on the look-out for crazy ones who may post some inappropriate material for the young children to see! Innocent  BTW, I'm in the middle where life begins.
hey there bill! im 15, ive told u already....moreover, ive drawn the conclusion tht i m far from young in this site!!!
I am only 10. On my profile it says I'm a teenager, but that's only because that was the youngest age listed.

i' am 13 years old, but i played someone who is 9 year old


i am playing someone who is 7 years old