YouTube Tryouts!

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    Butterfly-Effect wrote:

    @Chasm1995 If you knew me at all you would understand that regardless of how much i like someone, I would never tell people to vote for someone i didnt feel was capable of doing the work. It is just not what im about, people who know me know that about me. 

      You are still young and i understand that your life experience is limited in that way. This is not about who popularity in high school or college. Its about a man devoting much of his time freely to help others improve their game. He deserves to win period. He has worked very hard for it.

    I agree that any sensible person would vote for who they thought was the best, but I also think that no matter who you vote for, it is a biased opinion, no matter what.  Maybe you prefered how they played, or maybe you just liked their personality better than another person.  It's you opinion and you're entitled to it.  I respect that you prefer a certain contestant, and you respect that others have different opinions on that.  It's not always on how much time something takes, though, but how you understand the way they are teaching.

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    I'll vote for Squarology.  (I haven't voted yet, if you would like to check.)

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    I was a little sceptical about FM zibbit, because most of the votes for him were from people of his own country. But his videos are pretty good and he explains a lot. 

    Is it possible to recruit two players for the channel?


    IM Squaralogy and FM zibbit are both excellent candidates!

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    I will vote for aww-rats!

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    I also like TVEDAS. Those were good. The thought process was explained well, especially the targeting of weaknesses and how to go about attacking them. I'd hope would consider as many as possible, unlike FIDE picking the WC site. Haha, just had to throw that in there didn't I?

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    @ TVEDAS. Not really. Your English is amazingly good, are you really from Lithuania? I like when you have slower time control because of the way you explain what you're trying to do. And WHY, thats the really important part. Its almost impossible to do that in bullet.

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    Zibbit has all the skills for this.

    I vote for him.

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    That would be awesome. Both of you are great at communicating your plans and the REASONS you came up with them.

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    how does one see the results of the tryouts?  I'd like to watch the leading candidate's videos..  Also, it is unclear to me where I can vote.  Please advise.  Thanks!

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