can somebody help me with endgame study?

Any good techniques to share?

The drills here are very useful.

I also need techniques I’m failing
Read Dvoretsky’s endgame manual
Or if you really don’t know anything about endgames then Silman’s complete endgame course
marqumax wrote:
Read Dvoretsky’s endgame manual

DON'T Read dvoretsky's endgame manual, even as quite an advanced player myself I can't grasp some of the concepts.

I would recommend either taking lichess lessons on the endgame (there are plenty), or maybe a free chessable course. Or you can just find and note down the crucial endgames that you need to know and try to learn them one by one by practicing against a computer to test your knowledge.

PandaBot04 wrote:
Any good techniques to share?

I found the website on some other forum. If you want to practice endgame scenarios, this is a good option.


I would also use this one. It's my favorite so far and I have it bookmarked:


     Dvoretsky's work is the best but probably far too advanced for someone with your rating and limited experience. Try Capablanca's "A Primer of Chess", where the greatest endgame expert ever explains the powers of the different pieces using examples of basic endings. It is aimed at beginners so it is easier to understand than many other endgame manuals. Tarrasch's "The Game of Chess" starts out in a similar vein and goes on to explain the basics of positional play and the ideas behind openings. (Be sure you are getting the algebraic edition.) Both of these top players believed that endings were the most important thing for beginners to learn--"If you can't handle simple positions with only a few pieces properly, how can you expect to succeed in complicated positions on a full board?"


You may want to start with Pandolini endgame course. It explains the basics pretty well. Once you have a good handle on that you might want to try Mullers Fundamental Chess endings. It starts with some very basic stuff and progresses into rather complex situations. I havent read all of it yet but what I have read has helped me a lot.