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Endgame Seminar on Chess.com!

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         I thought that it might be worthwhile for those who are learning about endgames to take a look at something that is being offered through the "Chess.com University" group.  It will be a three hour endgame seminar, presented by GM Magesh Chandran Panchanathan.  Below are listed links to GM Panchanathan's site profile; the "Chess.com University" group homepage; as well as the group news article by IM Pruess covering the details of the seminar!  Smile


      GM Panchanathan's Chess.com profile



      Chess.com University group homepage



      Group article by IM Pruess

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    Thanks. I'd like to get involved.

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    Thanks for sharing. Unfortunally tuition at this time is way too expensive.

    If I could, I would pay $1,000 for life diamond membership along with free chess.com university courses.

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         Understandable, things are tight financially for many.  But the price does seem very reasonable for those who have a few extra dollars.  I haven't seen many GMs available for $15.00 an hour, so it may be a great opportunity for those who would be in a position to pay.  Smile

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      Two and a half weeks left until the seminar, so I thought I should bump this one more time.  Smile

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    Six days until the seminar.  I believe that there are a few seats left for anyone who would like to participate!  Smile


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