Endgame Seminar on Chess.com!


     I thought that it might be worthwhile for those who are learning about endgames to take a look at something that is being offered through the "Chess.com University" group.  It will be a three hour endgame seminar, presented by GM Magesh Chandran Panchanathan.  Below are listed links to GM Panchanathan's site profile; the "Chess.com University" group homepage; as well as the group news article by IM Pruess covering the details of the seminar!  Smile


  GM Panchanathan's Chess.com profile



  Chess.com University group homepage



  Group article by IM Pruess


Thanks. I'd like to get involved.


Thanks for sharing. Unfortunally tuition at this time is way too expensive.

If I could, I would pay $1,000 for life diamond membership along with free chess.com university courses.


     Understandable, things are tight financially for many.  But the price does seem very reasonable for those who have a few extra dollars.  I haven't seen many GMs available for $15.00 an hour, so it may be a great opportunity for those who would be in a position to pay.  Smile


  Two and a half weeks left until the seminar, so I thought I should bump this one more time.  Smile


Six days until the seminar.  I believe that there are a few seats left for anyone who would like to participate!  Smile