Video Version of Dvoretsky Endgame Manual


Does it exist? Im not very good at reading books so i prefer videos for learning.If it doesnt exist,Is it possible for a strong player to make a video series out of the book? or will it breach copyright?.

I hope some strong goodhearted youtube chess annotator will make a video series out of this book and explain it better.Foot in Mouth


I'm sure it would breach copyright laws, maybe you should work on improving your reading skills which are very important for all sorts of things way more important than chess! AND there is the minor matter of being able to read chess books in order to improve your game, which you appear to be interested in doing.

What's the problem(s) with reading? I can't tell any possible causes from looking at your profile, since it doesn't indicate your age or education.


Dvoretsky's manual was made to CD by ChessBase, but that wont avoid reading it can help about setting board and going throught variation but thats all. Maybe you can look for another Endgame video by ChessBase, Foxy Openings, etc. The series on endgame by
Karsten Muller looks good, but its kind of expensive, or maybe some software by chessok can help you learn endgames.


Im a college student and i love reading.But Im not very good with chess notations.I learned chess by just watching youtube videos.The chess books I read before are a bit more wordy rather than tackling precise variations


chessBBQ.  The CD edition of Endgame Manual by Mark Dvoretsky is very close to the 1st edtion of the book.  The current 3rd edition has extended and improved analysis for rook endings, as explained by Dvoretsky himself.  The CD is not a video version so you know, it is a chess book readable in your computer.  As far as I know there is only a short demo video in youtube about the first chapter.  Copyright laws prevent from electronically or other means to reproduce a book.  Join our group if you would like to study the book (or CD) we just started.  You must own the book.  Cheers.