Loosing to win and dealing with defeat

Hey guys! I was wondering how many games did you loose before you started winning? And how did you deal with defeat? Did you get discouraged? or did it push you to study more on the game of chess? Thanks again guys and gals

I just switched to "Daily" games since I was getting killed right out of the opening.  You can use all sorts of opening aids (books, videos, databases) and postpone the inevitable...LOL.  Seriously though, you really get a chance to think over each move and the hope is that some of the knowledge you acquire will help in shorter games as well.  Good luck!

did the exact same as baddongo

i started with a default 800 rating and lost every game horribly

switched to daily for a bit to give me a bit of breathing room

started some “study” watching videos and whatnot and eventually found john bartholomews videos

got “bobby fisher teaches chess” (the simple back rank tactics book) and that alone helped quite a bit

stopped playing daily (was, ironically, beginning to get impatient and played like it was blitz; and started playing 30 min games)

first “breakthrough” was learning how to “accept” losses by embracing the real learning- going over losses and not letting myself off the hook after games and really challenging my thought processes as i played a game

followed advice to start playing classical time controls and otb rated games- this was the real help

playing a game where every move engaged total focus and commitment and then going over these games with a coach

tactics books, master games, endgame techniques, selected positional work selected by coach to work on for homework, all of this set a pretty decent foundation to develop

but the very first step was “embracing” losses and being honest and “strict” and consistent going over games immediately after the conclusion
I never loose
Liar. Your ratings are too low to never lose.
but monie said loose

I just kept playing tbh

If I started losing a lot I stopped and waited for the next day and played again. I never used things like books


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