what gambit should we learn ?

can some pro player in here can suggest to me what gambit should i learn (no Italia and French defence) please. Thanks you guys !!!

I'm no pro but queen gambit has a lot of weaknesses if accepted, but very powerful too


thanks glaxy_chess_god bro ;)


Maybe consider: My First Chess Opening Repertoire for White




The Halloween Gambit....it's the most wonderful one of the year !


Not a Pro - USCF about 2015- but I recommend the Latvian Gambit. It comes out early enough to avoid all that Scotch type dreck, and leads to wild, interesting positions. The great Keres referred to the Poisoned pawn latvian as the most interesting chess opening variation of all. 


my USCF is also just a bit over 2000 so I wouldn't consider myself a pro either. But I think a good gambit would be the Max Lange/ Morphy attack. The youtube GJ chess made some instructive videos on the gambits. I went from 1200 USCF to over 1600 in less than two months after learning those two gambits so I highly recommend them.


Queen's gambit. 


As White: King's Gambit is exciting and is very tactics-oriented., Queen's Gambit requires patience and is very strategy/position related.

The Urusov Gambit of the Bishop's Opening (1. e4 e5 2. Bc4 Nf6 3. d4) often works well for the PREPARED White player, though I'd rather be on the Black side if it's a daily game.  There isn't a lot of literature about it and most players will not be familiar with it.  There's a decent introduction to it here: https://www.rci.rutgers.edu/~goeller/urusov/bishops/index.html



First off, as he said no 'French or Italian' I think he is probably enquiring about a system for Black. (Yes, I am aware the 'Italian' is another name for the Giuoco, but I don't think that is what he meant.) Secondly, if he is asking about Gambits he is probably looking for exciting, tactical sacrificial play. The Queens Gambit is about as far from that as it gets. So I read his question as 'what is a good gambit for black against 1.e4.' Perhaps I misinterpreted, but that is how it looks.

Queen. I find it easy vs low elo players
Manhchess296 wrote:
can some pro player in here can suggest to me what gambit should i learn (no Italia and French defence) please. Thanks you guys !!!

 Queen's Gambit- but what you do after is also important. If you are positional, use the exchange. 


Chess Openings Resources for Beginners and Beyond...



Learn the queens gambit and the kings gambit.My recommendation

Thats a bit like saying 'If you want to get a dog I recommend either a Saint Bernard or a chihuahua.' If the Kings Gambit is the right opening for you, the Queens Gambit (which is not a gambit) is not for you.


Don't learn the King's Gambit because white losing by 0.5 after f4. The Queen's Gambit and the Benko Gambit are the most sound. If my memory serves me right, then all the other gambits are bad. However, the Benko Gambit is a more advanced gambit. Benko Gambit guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fwc0j8P_DKs



Well of course true Gambits tend to be unsound under the microscope of post mortem. If you worry about such things get a nice book on the Torre attack and you will never have to worry about interesting chess. But if you are a fighter just remember- heroes never calculate the odds.


the one that brings you the most fun in playing ,,,,

you might find the blackmar dietmar gambit worth a look , esp as it involves a queen sacrifice(or queen offer) if allowed which is always fun to do


look at the ryder gambit ,in the blackmar dietmar , its  4.31 in




been a bit since ive used it but I love what it can do