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Bobby Fisher Live

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    I got a bit tired of doing tactics last night and my wife wanted to watch some terrible film with me, so I went to bed to find something to watch online.

    I just by chance came across this Director's-debut movie

    Bobby Fisher Live

    You can watch it live streaming from amazon, or if you are a prime member, for free (like I did).

    Now, I know the guy playing Fischer (Damian Chapa), is by no means a dear ringer for how Fisher looked, but how he acted, and more eeriely, how he sounded just like Fisher was amazing. You need to watch this! I found the film to be incredibly accurate given I just read a couple biographies about Fisher. However, this move attempts to explain his eccentricities and mental illness through his early relationship with his mother who they portray a bat-crazy-nuts.Now, I'm not sure how accurate this is, because I have read how his mother was terrible and crazy (even though specific anectodes are rare), but if she was this bad, anyone of us here would have grown up with problems too...

    The child actors were not good, even comical at times, but if you get past that and listen to the story..its a great movie. There was plenty of surprisingly good acting for a low budget film like this. I think this new director really has a chance.


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    Sorry. *Bobby Fischer



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    I have been a Fischer fan since i was a little kid, just finished reading Endgame by Frank Brady pretty good book about Fischer

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    Tercarte wrote:

    I am familiar with the film from its availability on the "Netflix" streaming-viewing option.  It comes up as recommended since searched for chess movies in the past.

    I looked up some reviews on IMDB.com and saw that the film got some of the worst, most vicious reviews I've seen. 

    Well, I have heard that too; however, I may be a bit biased. I was just wondering where they got the basis for the terrible mother-son relationship theme in the movie. I can't seem to find particular stories in relation to that point


    BTW, if you are a hard-core fan of Fischer, you may not like how he is portrayed in the movie....

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    Tercarte wrote:

    Here is the link to the IMDB.com page on "Bobby Fischer Live" (2009), with user reviews, links to professional reviews, a message board, and all kinds of factoids about the film.  IMDB rates this a 3.8, which as anyone that frequents IMDB knows, is just about a "rock bottom" rating.  Even Uwe Boll's "Postal" (based on the video game) scored a 4.3 on IMDB:


    LOL. Im not a movie critic Tercarte. It's just my opinion. I liked the movie. You may hate it. Thats fine.


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