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Chess Puzzle Competition 🐕

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    Welcome to the 1st Chess Puzzle Contest

    DONATION NEEDED: 1 month diamond membership donation or 1 month platinum/gold

    {UPDATE: aidanB1 is tiebreaker judge!}

    Post a puzzle or tactic (You can make your own and it doesn't have to be a legal position.) and post it in the comments and you will be entered in the contest. 

    Please try to only post original tactics. If you post a non-original tactic give credit to original creator. Original tactics give you a much higher chance of winning.

    Winners will be put in categories:                                                       

    1.Weekly 1st weekly winner: farmer2013 2nd weekly winner: jamesagadir 3rd weekly winner: friedmelon

    4th weekly winner: aidanB1





    [prizes only for monthly and above]

    1. A full analysis of one of your games. (It will be fully annotated.)

    2. Attention to your account

    3. Chess.com trophies



    2. Farmer2013

    3. Nicholas166






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    this is a puzzle

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    Preferably make your own puzzle as it will give you a higher chance of winning! for being creative.

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    How do you make puzzles 

    P.s , make me a judge

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    e4 e5 bc4 nc6 qh5 nf6 qxf7#

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    All three of those weren't very good... not like I could ever make a better one.

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    This was an actual game I played as white...


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    josephyossi wrote:

    How do you make puzzles 

    P.s , make me a judge

    You know how to do everything just go when you are inserting the game and go to them and click on " puzzle"  then whatever moves you have in the move list are the puzzle ( if you want it to be black to move you can also change that in the setup section.)

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    "farmer2013" That Puzzle doesn't quite work. ( UPDATE: I take that back it is actually a really good puzzle.)

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    It works for me.

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    Never mind I missed a move.

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    Our next judge placement goes to farmer2013 !!!!

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    There is still 1 more judge placement spot open!!!

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    Alright then farmer2013 accepts the judge spot!


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