Chess scene on the show 'The Wire'


you can skip the first 30 seconds of the video.

Disclaimer:  You won't learn anything you don't know about chess watching this, it's just good to see chess getting some exposure.  Also, poor video quality. 


"nah yo it ain't like that. in the game, the pawns, they get capped quick. they be out the game early."

..."unless they some smart ass pawns"

Don't watch the show but that was a sweet scene.

loved it.


I don't watch the show either.... actually.  My brother was watching it on his cpu with headphones while I was playing chess on mine, he said, "I think you should come watch this". 

At least someone liked it Sealed




You should watch the show -- it's really good.


Wow, one of the few times a chess scene on a TV show has probably been anything other than cringeworthy to a true chess player! 

TheGrobe wrote:

You should watch the show -- it's really good.

I may just start watching it.