Gender of pieces


Ok, guys, this is a very important question. I absolutely cannot stress how very much important this is (apart from bolding and italicising such words and using weird grammar). So, here it goes:

A king is male and a queen is female, right? So what about the other pieces?




I've always thought of the Bishops as female for some reason.  Queen, female of course, everything else male.

I suppose I feel that Rooks are male because of their solid castlie fortress tower look.  I suppose they could have feminine implications as there are always princesses stuck in towers and stuff.  That's kind of sexist and gender stereotypical but I mean fictionally.  The stories we grow up with as kids and whatnot, fairytales...  Knights back in the day were typically male (I think).  In a lot of fiction they are male and I am an avid reader.   Pawns have always been genderless to me but if I had to choose, I'd say male.  Paws are, well, pawns.  I would never treat my companion that way.

Now for the Bishop well, maybe because of their roundness or prettyness, but it is the only piece that moves diagonally like the Queen and is very different in a number of aspects from the very masculine Rook.

That's just kind of how I feel, I dunno.


A bishop is a position in the Catholic clergy. It is taken by a man, so it should be male.

In Portuguese, we call the rook a ‘torre’ (the correspondent with the English ‘tower’), which is female, so I've always thought of rooks as female.

Yes, knights are generally male, but, in Portuguese, we call a knight a ‘cavalo’ (which actually refers to the horse), which is male. That is why I think of them as male.

And what is a pawn, anyway?


Well, a pawn has 3 balls, so- who knows?


Pawns are kinda weird, because they like turn into other species, like them caterpillar yokes.


Chess came about over 1000 years ago.  A King's army was always exclusively male then.  The only female would be the Queen.  The rest are male.


Get with the times man!


Seriously, get it right! Smile

Bishops - girls just love going shopping, and the last 5 letters there are 'shops', so they are definitely female.

Knights - guys just love going partying and hitting up the clubs, and the last 6 letters there - we own the 'nights', so they are definitely male.

Pawnies - that is an anagram of 'apes win' - most apes are male, so they are too.


wait! did you say "bi" shops ?

Bonny-Rotten wrote:

Get with the times man!

I am with the times.  Chess is an old game.  But hey, if you want to go on the theory of modernization, they didn't have the technology back then to do sex changes, but if you think about it, when a pawn promotes, more times than not, it has a sex change!

AussieRookie wrote:

...most apes are male...

I think you got that backwards.


I have to say I was very disappointed when I found out that guerillas were not armed apes :(


It's adorable


There's only one way to know for sure.

Identify the stomach, then look a little bit lower. ... 


Don't know if anyone is aware of it or not, but Queen were an all male band.

"Scaramouche scaramouche, can ya do de fandango!!"


All pieces, including the queen are male, due to their very phallic form.


Long noses don't float boats these days ?


Pawns are undeveloped/unborn kids trying to make their way into the light becoming an alpha woman(queen) or a revered man(mostly a knight for the given situation of check/mate)... whichever best suites their world(ur chess game duh!) so in short pawns are unborn children!!!


The Queen is female, all of the others are male. Smile


rooks, bishop, king are male - queen female - pawns are sorta hermaphrodites beginning life as males and possessing the ability to become queens (female)