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Return of the Son of pushwood

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    OK, it has recently been brought to my attention by the lady sitting down at the end of the bar--well, I guess actually she's more sort of slumped over at this point ("Hey trysts, stand up and wave to the nice people!...well OK, how about just waving?...OK, I guess we'll just have to introduce everybody to you later")--that people might think this whole pushwoods thing is some sort of in-joke that nobody else can get in on.

    Balderdash, I say!  Nothing could be further from the truth (hm..."Einstein was a dribbling idiot" "Hitler was a real nice fellah"...well OK, lots of things could be further from the truth, but that's not the point).  The point is that everyone should feel free to join in and contribute!  They evolved from something offhand posted in another thread, and have come to have a mythic dimension all their own (or so I start thinking after spending enough time with trysts down at the end of the bar).  I like to think of pushwood as part Paul Bunyan and part Al Bundy--with of course a generous helping of puns and drolleries thrown into the mix.

    So if you share a similar bent, by all means toss in one or three!  After all, pushwood's grandson already has (pushwood begat mistercheese who begat akintews...and then there was pushwood's dad, kramakintews...geez, it's getting downright biblical around here).  And even if you don't share my enthusiasm for these things, at least take some comfort from the notion that any thread that starts out with tree goats can't be all bad. Smile

    So anyway, on with the show!...or back to it (or whatever):


    pushwood's hedge clippers:

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    pushwood's hi-fi:

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    pushwood's boss:

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    pushwood's history advisory panel:

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    pushwood's lawn chair (see, I told ya trysts!):

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    pushwood's amp:

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    AndyClifton wrote:

    pushwood's lawn chair (see, I told ya trysts!):



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    pushwood's landlord:

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    pushwood's wok:

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    pushwood's science fair project:

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    pushwood's chief detractor:

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    pushwood's favorite actor:

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    pushwood's sex-change counselor:

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    pushwood's hairstylist:

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    pushwood's used car salesman:

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    pushwood's ski instructor:

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    pushwood's limo:

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    pushwood's lifelong obsession:

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    and another:

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    pushwood's health advisor:


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