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The Love of the Game

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      Ok now. There are people out there who think chess is just a game while there are others who think it is more than a game who think that chess is their duty to devote themselves to it and indulge into its ocean of possibilities. What I want to know is are there any people out there who compete in tournaments and play for THE LOVE OF THE GAME? Give me your thoughts on what playing for the Love of the Game is and what do you feel is the answer.

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    "I have always a slight feeling of pity for the man who haas no knowledge of chess, just as I would pity the man who has remained ignorant of love. Chess, like love, like music, has the power to make men happy." -Tarrasch

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    "Duty to devote themselves to [chess]"  That seems to be the chess professional rather than the chess amateur.

    I'm unsure what is meant by "The Love of the Game".  I'm guessing liking to play the game but not studying or working on the game on the side.

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    I do love chess, because it makes me feel that I have accomplished something. It's a personal feeling of the fruits of effort. I especially like that it is a very difficult game to learn, and while many people play it, only about ten percent of those people put the effort into it to understand it, in my view.Smile

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    Chess is fun coz you think and imagine during a game.

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    Well idimayuga, you hit the nail on the head about liking to play the game. I find though that people who wish to get better and also love the game will spend some time improving. You are right though about professional players.

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    Trysts, your absolutely right! When people play chess, they are playing perhaps the toughtest game ever created. If you can win a game of chess, nobody can call you stupid because you have shown greatness of the mind. I love chess because it is my element. Ok, I will admit, I have been slacking in my practice but I am still ok. I have been in a slump and have been busy but your absolutely right. The fruits of effort can only be achieved by those who have devoted time to earn them yet have enjoyed their time in doing so :).

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    Konhidras, if you have a strong imagination or if you imagine even small parts of things then you can create chess to be what your mind tells you. Your fingers move the pieces, they have nothing to do with strategy. The real game is in your mind. I am proud that you have come to that resolve :).

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      Abracaxnc, strong words there my friend. Very moving indeed. Music is like the fruit of love and the fruit of love must be unlocked by a strong mind and a strong will. The strength of mind is used in chess. If it is strong then you will prevail. If you lose, its only a game. If you do lose though, you will most likely come back stronger than ever next time and will make certain that things will be different. Your mind might be stronger, you might have new tricks up your sleeves, and you might have learned from past games. Way to go :).


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