Which is harder: Playing a chess master or solving a rubik's cube


i thought it was a tassel.  yours makes more sense.

ilikeflags wrote:

i'm a half-wit and i got half of it in less than an hour.

thats why you can only solve half


Uh-oh, Driver's License Guy just zapped ya good, flagsy!


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I think solving the rubiks cube is easier. I onced played with a stinking chess master and it was so bad. Two scenarios: He was definitely stronger than me at chess but his breath and armpit odor was much much stronger.


Rubil's cube has more combinations than there are forum posts about the number of possible chess positions.


with help. but parts i got on my own.


Solving a Rubik's cube is easy. I can do it in less than five minutes just about every time. Playing a chess master is easier though, since you don't really have to devote any effort to play chess.

Which of these is harder:

1. Solving a Rubik's cube blindfold

2. Beating a chess master blindfold




Then there is that perplexing problem of why you'd want to solve a Rubik's cube.


I solve cubes blindfolded regularly, it's really not that hard. It obviously takes much less training than getting good enough at chess to beat a chess master, let alone blindfolded.


Rubiks cube definately. I can do that in about a minute.


You would if you try... it's not THAT hard.  It's only deceptively hard.


Rubik's cube can be solved from any position by following a simple algorithm. Once you know the algorithm, it's merely a matter of applying it. 

The same is not true of beating a chess master. 


Pointless thread.

As is, the rubiks cube is much harder.

If you asked the question properly, beating a chess master is much harder.


Its easier to play a chess master, than solve a cube. You said PLAY, not win!

koala8 wrote:

which do you think is harder? Facing a chess master (like Bobby Fisher, Kasparov, Karpov, etc) or facing the eight wonder of the world, the rubik's cube.

Solving the Rubik's cube is easy.  There is at least one video on youtube that shows you in 2 simple steps to solve it. First step is to turn the left hand side of the cube as you face it one turn counterclockwise.  Step 2 is to turn the top of the cube one turn clockwise.  Repeat the 2 steps in order until the blocks on the face of each side are all the same color.

If you want the website address of the video, please let me know. 


Carlsen might see them as equals.