1290 vs 1460, need help regarding the analysis


Unfortunately I was too focused to finish my opponent and I forgot to pay attention to his threats. I know what i've did wrong after move 39 but I would like to know if there was a way to finish my opponent. I know there is a combination earlier in the game but I just can't find it.


Can you please help me?



I believe you missed the tactic 30..Bxb1 in view of Kxb1 Rd1+ winning the queen for rook and you are up lots of material.


Yes, you're right, thanks for pointing that out.


Although this is not decisive, I think 25...Rac8 may have been a better move than 25...Be7 - the idea is to take on c3 and you activate a new piece, while your bishop stands better on d6 than e7


The Bb3 may be a thorn in one's side often, but while the pressure down the a2-g8 diagonal is annoying (especially d5+f7 influence) it usually isn't worth chasing with a knight, who goes to the rim and no longer controls central squares.  You also took two moves to eliminate his bishop... in addition to opening the a-file for him, pointing at your backward a-pawn.  However, you had many lightsquare weaknesses so I can understand why you wanted it off the board. You also had two bishops vs. two knights in a very open position, one knight of theirs didn't even develop until later, so what happened?  Oh yeah, not seeing the fork in time trouble. 


@ScorpionPackAttack, it wasn't time trouble, as I said above I was focused only on the attack and finishing my opponent, I didn't considered hid threats.

@hicetnunc, thanks


Interesting ideas there  yeres30, the only thing I saw was  30... Bxb1 but that's already been pointed out.


So many missed opportunities ... thank you for yoyr help