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7. A game I lost, looking for some advises

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    This is a game I lost today, I tried to attack a lot, but somehow I missed some tricks I guess; and lost. I'll be glad to learn from your analysis and feedback. Thanks.


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    @GeniusChessMentor - Oh! yes now I understood that my kind was exposed though my friend did not attack it.

    So a better reply would be 2. exd4 3. Qxd4 Nc3 ?

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    4.Qh5+ and white is winning.

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    @ifoody - Now I so the exact issue with exposing King like that.

    Would be glad to hear more analysis as well...

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    You were doing pretty good until the end when you started blundering pieces. 29. ... Rhf8 might have been better though.

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    @wanmokewan - thanks for the analysis, but I could not find a winning path there as well. Just tried as below. Any advice please?


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