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A little 'Mess'

  • #1

    A game That I lost, to Teeer. Complete with my stupid commentry!

    Comments on my game are more than welcome. Also I need suggestions about improving my gameplay as black. Thanks in advance! :D

  • #2

    in the opening, I would have taken the pawn on b4, a pawn's a pawn!

    the main reason you lost your knight and bishop in the opening was because files and diagonals were open around your king, try to avoid moves like d6, or just take with the queen

    just my thoughtsLaughing

  • #3

    Well, they may be your thoughts, but they are valueable after all!

  • #4

    My advice is that you should not be afraid of exchanging queens, many people are reluctant to do this and it gets them in trouble. If you had played Qe7 to protect the knight, then on the next move you could pull the knight to safety and, in exchanging queens, you would have two developed pieces and no material lost.

  • #5

    7. f3 Nc5 8. dxc5 Bxc5 was better...

    This could have lead to faster castling. Just my thoughts!

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    i love seeing begginer games anything you can improve well piece of advice would be safety of ur pieces first 


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