A quick game of Phillidor's defence


Hello chess.com! Here's a short game that I played today.
Would be great to get the feedback of more experienced chess players on this game. I feel like I won this game, because my opponent made many mistakes. I wonder if I made any good moves, myself during this game?
Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoy. PS, I can't figure out how to do variations when I do these chess game analysis. Could someone shed some light on this?

Nice mate with the knight; you had mate in 1 at move 25, though, with the rooks.  Also, in your annotation for move 21, you said that black couldn't afford to waste moves playing offensively.  It is my belief that black needs to find counterplay rather than just playing defensively.  Of course, as you mentioned, his pieces are in horrible position to do so, so he really may not have any options here.

PS. thanks for the games tonight.


My two cents. (See commentary, beginning at move 9.)

I admit, I got carried away with messing with the pieces. My point, however, was taking advantage of the trapped bishop, developing faster (relative to your game), and taking advantage of the knight pin.
P.S. For variations, simply go to the move for which you wish to create a variation, then make a different move than you did previously. The new move will be treated as the beginning of a variation.

6. ... Bg4? is the beginning of his mistake.