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    Thank you IM Pfren.  I find your analysis very instructive.  However, when I put the position into my computer (Houdini Pro running on Core i5 processor), after 30 minutes it gave Rfe8 over Nc5.  I'd be curious about how the game would play out then.  Of course, black is passive, but will end up with a solid defensible position.  So can white eventually break through?

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    TetsuoShima wrote:
    vaarwel_broek wrote:

    ...Nc5 with ideas of playing Ne4 or trading it off.  The knight isn't doing much sitting on d7.

    yes i had the same idea to maybe free the bishop that way, but because i couldnt calculate a line were i was sure it would free the bishop, i thought it would be bad because its a so much better piece then blacks bishop, even though it probably needs to many tempos to ever get developed.

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    So what would have been the correct plan for black there?

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    @elephant007: look post #43 please and don't trust your computer always!

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    black idea's-- can bring knight to c4/c5 or try to exchange the knights,doubling rooks in the semi-open c-file,play(opening up the) queenside 

    white's plans--playing kingside,attacking blacks kingside by playing g4 & h4..,doubling rooks in g file

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    Thanks for the post.

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    i raly have no idea

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    any sides has a winning position??

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