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an ultimate finish in my first game in Chess.com

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    hello TheRussianPatzer you're speaking more than what a grandmaster should speak

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    Just to educate the people : K+R+B vs K+R is generally a draw, although a hard one.

    As for the superior game... Maybe you should talk about the less worse game instead...

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    @irontiger I know its generally a draw, which is why I put the condition "even if it was technically lost." There are some times where it is a win (Philidor position, Lolli position) and that is what I was talking about.

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    I'm well aware that K+R+B vs K+R is a draw, but it's not an easy one. You usually won't see GMs offer an instant draw in a K+R+B vs K+R position. There's still something to play for.

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    -waller- wrote:

    Wow, this is a weird thread ...


    Yeah, we had a couple of major windbags blowing there, didn't we? lol  And once again on the forums, "respect" proved to be just a seven-letter word. Laughing  (Though Lord knows everyone around here seems to love to say it over and over again...)

    As for the game in question:  well, I think "oops" sums up the proceedings rather well. Smile


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