Can someone please review my game


Forgot to mention that I was black in this game. I won, but didn't really have a plan until late game when I was planning on trading to an end game to pressure his isolated pawn


Your link is no good!




The reason for 4. ... d4 over Nf6 is it makes things hard for white like Nc3 and moves like d3 create a backward pawn. TBF I would have played ... Nf6
8. ... I would have played the tactical ... Bxf2+ 9. KxB Qc5+
Undefended pieces in the middle from both players.
10. ... Nb6 was not clever as it allows a full exchange on e6 giving black an isolated e-pawn and then a nice tempo move d4 that gets the queen bishop into the game. At which point white has both space and three better co-ordinated minor pieces and easy roles for the rooks, like Re1 attacking the e-pawn
12. ... Bf8, now your KQ are badly lined up on the e-file and white has Re1, Ng3, d4
13. b4?? winning to losing in a move. As white I would have played 16. Qe1+ as 17. could be a3 or Bg5
19. ... Nc5 I would just have pulled the bishop back to d6
20. Qc4 Ba5 21. Nf5 Qd7 22. Nf3-h4 Ne6 23. Bxg7, with Qg4 as a threat that prevents ... NxB


31. Rxe8 was good, naturally done. 


please will someone check game with quakescholar as i m not easily beaten and i suspect him of illegale moves can you help as i believe he is cheating


#7 There is a forum for those worries I would guess a moderator will be along with the details and block this thread.