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Constructive Criticism wanted!

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    Please give feedback on where I can improve

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    1. c4 is not a "poor opening". It is known as the English Opening (click on the link to learn more about it). As you can see from that article, 1... d5?! is the first "poor move" in this game, since after 2. cxd5 Qxd5 3. Nc3, you can keep developing your pieces and claiming the center while chasing around your opponent's queen.

    3. e4? Have you heard of the en passant move? After 3... dxe3 (EP), you are forced to capture the black pawn with either 4. fxe3, which makes your king vulnerable, or 4. dxe3, which leads to 4... Qxd1 5. Kxd1, taking away your right to castle and moving your king towards that part of the board which you have already dangerously opened with your first two pawn moves.

    7. Nfd2? I would have played Nbd2, since your other knight has nowhere else to go anyway, and your knight on f3 doesn't need to take a step backwards. Even Bd2 would have been better, prompting an exchange of knights and letting you develop.

    Other than that, not bad. You capitalized well on your opponent's (numerous) mistakes!

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    Unfortunately, I have yet to gain a firm grasp on all the different openings.  I will definitely look into this English Opening.

    I have heard of en passant, but it is something of which I never think.

    Yeah, I now see that I should have moved the other knight on 7.  Thank you so much for your comments.  These are the type of errors I make often, and I am trying to change that.

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    I'll just add on.  My comments in brackets.  Variations added to help illustrate.


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    3. e4 is not that bad. After 3. ... dxe3? 4. fxe3, 5. d4 is coming, and there is the useful open f-file.

    9. f3 loses to Ne3.

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    Thank you so much wafflemaster.  And yes Maarten, I see that error.  It is one I make way too often.  Would the best move have been to castle there?

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    Taking the knight was obviously best.

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    Ok yeres.  I did see that, but I was too nervous about losing material even with the benefit of my opponent losing more material.

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    There is no need to "grasp" any opening for the moment. There is a huge need though to learn the chess fundamentals, which you quite obviously ignore yet.


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