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Could i have answered better to my opponent

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     It seems alkehine defense has been regarded as passive opening.
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    If you drop pieces (9...Nxc4?? 10.Qa4+) and your opponent does not pick them, then the Alekhine may not be such a bad opening, after all.

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    This opening requires a lot of micromanagement for things to go well - probably more than necessary in any opening, but certainly more than you ever need to deal with at your rating.

    7...Bg4 is one of those times. Yes it seems rather picky to start going after your opening moves already but this defence is very demanding at times. It is usually better to play Bg4 after Black has castled and after a Black knight is on c6. There are exceptions to this rule which makes things annoying. Here is no exception and it opens you up to nasty tactics.

    The times when White refuses to play Nf3 in the opening are even more complicated.

    8...O-O seems better to me. You don't need to grab the knight unless White makes you do it or you get a tactic.

    9...Nxc4? loses material to both 10.Bxb7 and 10.Qa4+.

    12...Nxe3 wins a bishop.

    18...Qxa1 wins material since 19.Qxd7 Nf2+ is too much.

    19...Qa1 wins a rook but 19...Bxe5 looks like a winning attack after 20.Qa5 Qh4 21.g3 Qe4+ 22.Kg1 Bd4+

    Luckily White blunered a few times but this defence requires too much tending to and you'd be better off playing something like 1.e4 e5 where you won't have to worry about simple tactics backfiring because of the passivity of your position.


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