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I blundered, what is your opinion?

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    I think the "gamble" 21. Rxe6+ was appropriate, but the move that was truly regretable was 22. Qe1, which was a mistake because 22. Bxc6+ was much better!

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    oh you are right. I didnt not even see that until now. damn! that was a great move in fact. I would have really crushed then. damn! lol I deserve to lose this one. 

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    32. cxb5 would have been much better than 32. Kh3 :(

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    Oh no! 33. Be4 allowed Qf1! Better would have been 33. h5. Allowing Qf1 kind of ruined any advantage you might have had.
    And 34. Kg4?? allowed mate in three. Absolutely better was 34. Bg2.

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    yeah those are the moves I was really upset about lol damn so close to. I should have taken  more time. 

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    I have a self-imposed computer curfew at 8:00 p.m. my time, so I bid you a "happy checkmating!" :)

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    well, thanks for the tips Michael. good luck in your chess 

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    28. Qxf6 wins the game for you...he will be forced to kill your queen..you then pin his queen to the king with your bishop who is protected by your own pawn, winning back his queen..and leading your center pass pawn to a queen.

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    29. Qxf6**

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    ah, yes Catnap, you are right. I should have played that move. I guess I was worried playing someone better without a queen, I should have made that trade or at least thought it out to see how I could do. 

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    i think 22. Bxc6 was better. you mightve been able to get a good attack going from there.

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    yeah, in fact, i just ran it through an engine, and it says that you wouldve been winning by about 4.6 points if youd taken 22. Bxc6

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    that is like the line Catnap posted, though earlier in the line. Thank you ja734 def appreciate the help. 

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    In Catnap's variation I think white is no better than a draw. The king, if he so chooses, can easily stop the e pawn from promoting. Also, 32. Nxa2? is weak, much better is c5, saving the pawn and probably creating a draw.

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     Too many opening pawn moves.

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    I think your real trouble began with move 20.  If you had moved Qe1 that would have covered c3 from the knight attack.  Then you may have been able put your adversary in check by sacrificing your rook, thereafter taking the bishop with your Queen, which probably would've been blocked by the black Queen.  At this point you could've taken the c6 pawn with your Queen putting your opponent in check while threatening the castle and knight.  


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