How can i improve this?

Laskersnephew wrote:

I hope some of this is helpful



They said they meant to move to g5 with the bishop on move 13 and taking on h6 was a mouseslip in the original post, to answer the question of what they were thinking there. 


I think the opening poster does not know (or at least unsure of) how the pawn captures. Both 8. Nb5 and the intended 13. Bg5 show this. Needless to say, you can't really play chess without knowing how the pieces move.

Seiiren wrote:

ive also noticed another problem i have is just plain forgetting pieces, or not paying attention to positions 

i often times move first and think later, especially since i like playing bullet games


Yes, well... in order to put into practice any of the advice received here you'll need to start playing longer games really, so that you have thinking time before you move. Congrats on the nice checkmate in this game though.


ive never seen a game where i could en passant, so i didn't even notice i could there, which is why i didn't think about moving the pawn btw


No one is making fun of you for not understanding the en passant rule. It's one of a very few chess rules that aren't immediately obvious. But do learn it! And remember: Just because you can capture en passant, it doesn't me you must! You have to make a decision in that particular position