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Howard Stern Attacks a Chess Player's King Video

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    Hello all!

    Here's a video on chess covering a game played by Howard Stern.

    I hope you can benefit from it! =)


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    I assume Howard is still playing on ICC. He stopped using the old handle I knew him by but a bunch of months ago I heard a clip of his show where he was complaining about playing poorly and wanting to quit, like many chess players do.

    His standard rating on the old handle was in the 1700s and on the show he was saying he had dropped into the 1600s. So he's a decent player. Not bad for taking up the game as a 50 year old. Getting lessons from a master helped I bet.

  • #3

    who did he get help from?

  • #4

    Dan Heisman

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    There are 3 Howard Sterns listed on the uscf site, do you think one is him? 2 are still unrated & the other is 1900's.

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    I have been playing the budapest gambit all along!

    How did I not know of this line?


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