I just got annihilated can anyone help me spot how and why please?

forked_again wrote:
Daniel1115 wrote:
forked_again wrote:

No no no not significant!  You are a stubborn one aren't you ?

Go play against the computer.  It shows you your score after each move.  See how many ways you can play standard opening moves, especially with black, and end up down by .75 or more, by your third move. 

Maybe thats how you play your openings, but I dont.

Really?  You don't play openings that way do you genius...

Does this game look familiar?  That's you playing black, down .85 after MOVE 2.  

Still think that's significant?  HA!

You really need to stop trying to defend a stupid position dude.  You seem like you don't even know what the analysis means.  



Engine analysis for the opening means very little. Use it in a hypermodern position and it gives over +1 advantage to white. 

forked_again wrote:

No Deirdre, you don't know what you are talking about.  If you were following the thread, I was making the same point you are making.  That .85 shown by the computer is meaningless.  

If you go back in look, you are not saying that. You said that because the engine only gives -0.85 to Ng5 the move is not a big problem.