If this is a drawish position I'm the king of china


Makes me wonder about the computer analysis tool here at chess.com ...

Also I only seem to make blunders or inaccuracies, never good (!) moves Frown. Anyone else had a (!) once?


True, the position you are showing is completely lost for Black - practically any reasonable move by white is winning.

Since it is just an analysis line, there is no point discussing if Black has played something inaccurate before or not.

Oh, and China had an emperor, not a king.


Ah, if you upgrade then you'll get good moves annoted aswell? Smile For there was one move which got the evaluation "up" with -1.5 points but that wasnt awarded a (!) Frown

But yeah, in this position, knight to h4-f5 looks incredibly strong.


Ooops, sorry, since the OP gave no pgn I was looking at a wrong position (with one piece less for Black, duh!).

That one on #1 is really rather balanced (not drawish of course, but balanced- after either 1.Nd5 or 1.Bc2 Black should play 1...Qd8 with a fight), so you may reconsider if you really are chinese.