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IHSA State Meet Round 7

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    Here is round 7, which is the last round.  Our team won round 6 and we were around where we wanted to be.  We needed a win here to go 4 and 3, and we ended up winning by one point (There are 8 boards and 8th is worth 5 points and 1st is worth 12 points.  A draw splits the points in half) with 34.5 to 33.5.

    At the end of the tournament my team had 4 wins and 3 losses and so did I.  I won when the team won and lost when the team lost.  My team finished 63rd out of about 130 teams, and I placed 55th at my board, which I was pleased with since I was at first board which is the best players.

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    Close game! Great game, that was a nice tactics at the end.

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    Jon great game, and congrats on your placement of 55th, I finished in top ten for board five this year. I won my last game on sheer luck its actually posted here because i have no idea where i went wrong on it. Your games were great and congrats to your team having a winning record.

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    Thanks pizzabash.  Congrats on top 10.

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    Thanks you beat our board one in rankings :)

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    Jon Phillips is a profesh chesser

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    Good game this was, Our board 2 had a game similar to this on the last round and got top ten


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