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Interesting Finish

  • #1

    Kent League, board three, playing for Hastings away to Maidstone.



    Do you think that Black had enough to win at the end? No engines please, put yourself in my place and have a go.

  • #2

    28 ... Qh5

    29 Ne5 (or c5) Rd8 wins

    or so it seems

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    schtoonkmeyer wrote:

    28 ... Qh5

    29 Ne5 (or c5) Rd8 wins

    or so it seems

    What about 28. .... Qh5 29 Qc7?


    Edit: Yeah, that looks okay for Black e.g. 29. .... Qd1+ 30. Kg2 Qxd6 looks to be enough.


    Does White have anything better?

  • #4

    29 ... Qd1+ after that?

  • #5

    What about if White plays 29. Qd2?

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    Metaknight251 wrote:

    after qxg4+ rg2 qf3 rf2 qh3! looks winning for black.  the knight is hanging, but if it moves, qg4+ followed by rd1+ looks winning for black.  White has to play the ugly Ba3, after which bb7! sacrificing the a2 pawn for a strong attack looks like game.  For example bb7 rxa2 rxd6 bxd6 qg4+ looks extremely bad for white. 


    EDIT: looking at this more, the bb7 line after rxa2 is clearly winnning for black as after Qg4+ kf2 Qf3+ black is winning the a2 rook and is just up 3 pawns. 


    Is this what you mean?

  • #7
    Metaknight251 wrote:

    No.  Black played Rxd6 too.  otherwise the knight takes on b7.

    Can the Knight take on b7?

  • #8

    in #9, White plays 32 Kf2, is black still winning?

  • #9
    rooperi wrote:

    in #9, White plays 32 Kf2, is black still winning?

    Looks like it:

  • #10
    Metaknight251 wrote:

    No, what I'm saying is that after he queen takes on a2, white can play nxb7.  black playing rxd6 is better IMO.

    Give some move numbers, start form 28. .... Qh3.


    I'll post a diagram.

  • #11

    So, it looks like Black had plenty of opportunities to play for a win. No wonder my Captain seemed cheesed off. He wrote in the report "A draw with Black, in the context of the match, was okay".

    Didn't all seem so clear during the game. Laughing


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