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Is this a sound capture?

  • #1

    This was a rather tricky game of mine, and I'm not sure I made the right call. Does white have a way to get ahead?

  • #2

    I don't see why white should have a refutation.  His king is in the center and you have a ton of pressure.  Put the position in an engine and see what it says.  That being said, white probably has to castle and I'm not sure what happens after that. 

  • #3

    White can't refute your capture, but he enjoys a slight edge after: 2: 0-0!, after which the d4 pawn becomes weak. The best variation is 2: ... Bxf3 3: Bxf5! Bb7 4: Qxd4, after which the game becomes really complicated, but black probably has compensation for the pawn. 

    nstead of capturing 1: ... Nxe5?!, black gets a clear advantage after 1: ... Bxf3! 2: exf3 Rxe5+ 3: Kf1 Rxc5, with an extra pawn and a lead in development.

    And yes, 2: Bxf5 is a big mistake, losing the queen and the Exchange Laughing

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    What if after 2. 0-0,  ...Nxf3? After exf3 and Bxf3, Black gains a pawn, a rook and a tempo for two minor pieces. Then again, it's probably not the best as black still can't defend d4 anyway and he loses counterplay. Food for thought, still. And Viktor, you are very right, 1...Bxf3 looks crazy strong, ruining white's pawn structure and attempts to castle.


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