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It felt like i was drowning.

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    Yereslov wrote:

    What was the point behind 12.c4?

    Trying to create space, didnt analyze at all....



    9.Qe2 looks really good looking back now

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    If you think about it, 12... c4 and 12...d5 actually give up space, in a way of thinking.

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    I think not taking control of the b-file with a rook was a big opportunity missed by both players

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    AndyClifton wrote:
    shepi13 wrote:
    Do you really think after 16. f5 white could win at a 1500 level of play...

    I don't honestly know what that question is intended to convey.  But if you're asking me if White is considerably better, then I think the answer is yes. 

    #8. bishop freebe would make white feel light headed....

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    The whole Ne2-Ng3 thing is just a waste of time. The knight is more effectve on f3 where the piece can support the d4 pawn push. At g3 the knight is useless.

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    That white bishop u gave away seemed to be your good bishop on queen side. He couldve helped a lot in attacks from that side . Plus , on 13.d5  i guess it shouldve been 13.e3 . plus i think u shouldve taken the b- file with the rook , wouldve given u a bit of strategic advantage to use that channel for attacks. I usually dont move the pawn pieces on kingside until dire necessity and keep the bishop in centre so he can cover more area and hence help in directing my attacks in midgame. Plus the arrangement of pawns in d,e and c file aactually prevents any passage thru it , so the only way is around it. best wouldve been using the knights to bring protection to the pawns and other pieces on kingside and going on attack on the other side using queen and the rook sitting on a1. On 26 I think taking Queen to g5 wouldve resulted in an exchange with his queen and then u couldve got one or even both of your knights active on the kingside and hence would be in better position.

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    paulgottlieb wrote:
    You let a little temporary cramp cause you to panic.

    That sums it up accurately


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