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Lovely finish?

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    Hi All

    I just wanted to show a quick game that I completed recently. It was against a rank amateur which took the real fun out of the win, but there has always been something about a smothered mate that I really enjoy, and this was the first I have ever accomplished in gameplay, which is the reason for posting. It also contains a queen sacrifice, which is always enjoyable! 

    Despite the finish, I personally didn't find the game very satisfying, as it was against someone with a significant amount to learn about the game (he is a personal friend which is why we played), but I hope you enjoy the cute finish.

    Constructive comments are, as always, much appreciated.

    Best. AL.

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    I found the centre board smothered mate to be quite amusing. Thanks for sharing that!

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    Yeah - is it just me that finds a smothered mate attractive?!!

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