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Me vs. Fremd

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    I just played this game against Fremd High School.  It was a very good game, and I sacrificed a rook in it for passed pawns, but I'm not sure if my opponent played accurately. Was there any way he could have stopped the pawns?  Thanks!  I was white.

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    Nice game Jon! Still undefeated I see....Well, this will be interesting when we face each other! Anyways about the game, at move 29, you did Rxb7. If Black did R7a8 instead of Rxb7 you can follow up with c6 and then d7,having two passed pawn. Reason I wanted you to do c6 first is to keep the pressure on f7 intact. If you do d7, the Rook on f8 can move freely due to the pressure on f7 gone. 

    Hope this analysis helped. See you in December...

    Well, I forgot to include after you did Bxf7, and Kg7, then you can do Be6 and then push the d-pawn.

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    cool but you sacked A LOT

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    Thanks Hiro. It wasn't Derek though. I played against Ian. I guess they switched.

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    Was a bit confused on why Black played Carro Kann.

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    Nice Game Jon, You sure had a lot of neat tactics there, I can't wait to see how you do against Hiro


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