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Morphy the Terrible

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    Finegold is indeed vegetarian.


    By the way, chess.com's new way of determining ELO(and giving Morphy 2400) might be somewhat accurate regarding his playing strength, not his talent/potential(had he been born today and etc...), but it might be pretty flawed. They consider player blundered when instead of playing Mate in 13, the player exchanges some pieces to go into an endgame with a piece up. 



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    Yereslov wrote:

    Here is a game showcasing how terrible and overrated Moprhy has become:

    Looks to me like the Dude won.

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    I guess he won most of his games even giving odds. All I know is I have enjoyed his games more than any other player. Remenber , his gameplay was original, his creations, and not from books or computers.


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    We remember him mostly for his sparkling, creative attacks and long combinations. However, when playing the best players of his age, he was just as competent cranking out an endgame win.

    I'm hoping the OP comes back to this and offers a more mature judgment--possibly even an apology--though that may be too much to expect.


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