My opponent got so lucky!

Kwolverine04 wrote:

I'm not saying it wasn't brilliancy, but, but it would be fun to see you two again. After all, this one was more of a tie. And if you both believe your better, Reepicheep14 and Junebug444, why would you be scared of a rematch? Because there's ALWAYS room for improvement.

Wise man......he has a wonderful point! Of course I would be willing to rematch. With our skills having improved over the months, I'm sure our games will be beyond perfection!


Than good luck to the both of you!! I only hope Reepicheep14 agrees.

Me and Reep are playing one of these
No need 4 a rematch
Nice. I was looking at your game, but I don’t think it can beat MINE versus BobbyPhisher960 (ongoing). :)

Part 2 now!


I'll let Reep annotate, but I won