My Toughest Game Ever


So in this game I played against a superior player and still won. I have never had that kind of experience and I'm (humbly) proud of myself for not letting the person's superior position and ranking rattle me. I tried to focus on looking for the patterns, the pins, and was able (after a long fought game) to win by resignation with only 50 seconds left on my clock.


You'll see from the game that I probably shouldn't have won based on my lack of early development and how I was locked in but with a little imagination, everything is possible.


What are your sincere thoughts, feedback, criticism, analysis? PS: I'm just getting back into chess after spending 3.5 years in University so please excuse stupid mistakes.


White should never have given up control over the f-file.

I am trying to figure out if 53. Rg6+ Kf4 54. Rf6+ Kxe4 55. Rxf2 Bxf2+ 56. Kf1 Ra1+ 57. Kg2 Rxh1 58. Kxh1 Bxh4 is a draw, 59. c5 cuts the bishop out for a critical turn, and an exchange of pawns gives white a situation where he only has to sacrifice his bishop for the e pawn to make a draw. Of course this line is already 7 moves deep, so I could be making a mistake, but I think White had a book like save at the end there.


Yes as I did the analysis of Ng5 on, it stated that from that move it should have been Mate in like 4 or 5. Honestly though, I missed a huge opportunity at Qd4 to play Nf3+ and whether by pawn or  Ng3, win with Bd4.