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My toughest win at chess.com

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    This is probably the hardest fouhgt game I have played. A friend asked for a post without annotations so this is it.

    Ruy Lopez: Old Steinitz Variation at 14 days per move.

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    Good game, Although, I think black could have gotten a draw pretty easily. Black's king position in that ending was much stronger than yours. instead of h6, black would have been better to play h5. Good game though. Nice job.

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    61... Kh7 draws, according to Nalimov.

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    yes it does. This was a tough one for me.

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    Some moves for thought.  10...b5    18.Rc1  30...Qf7   and I think 57...Ke6 may have drawn or at lease provided better resistance.

    Game duration in days? 

    Kudos on beating a foe 300 points above you Cool

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    10.... b5 was one idea I was dreading as the Queenside advance in this line is somewhat tricky for White to answer unless he has studied the lines a bit.

    18. Rc1 seemed a bit murky when I looked at it but is playable.

    30... Qf7 was overlooked but that would not be pleseant after sliding the Rook over to cover.

    Giving White opposition is not too good here on moe 57.

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    Actually (again according to Nalimov) Black draws with anything on move 57! Laughing

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    AndyClifton wrote:

    Actually (again according to Nalimov) Black draws with anything on move 57! 

    I wish I had access to tablebases. So much easier to digest than Dvoretsky.

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    Why don't you?

    EDIT: didn't realise was an ongoing game.

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    The ending was put into conditional moves assuming the inferior side plays to keep to the center as much as possible. The ensuing result should be complete soon.

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    From move 56 to 64, I was a bit surprised that my opponent had not played to a drawing line after the forward trebuchet offering but in the end, I was able to eke it out but in all honesty, I still have a headache from all the calculating with the Queens still on the board.

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    Oran_perrett wrote:

    any alternate moves to Qxd6?

    Qg8 with threats against the black king. Anything that doesn't give up the queen for a bishop should be OK.

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    As Lloyd Bridges said in Airplane 2:

    Looks like I picked a bad day to give up studying a bit deeper.

    great insights guys.

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