Review request of newbie game


Hello everyone!

I'm new to, having only registered a few days ago. Since then, I've used the website mainly to play with friends, but also a few unrated games with strangers.

I don't know if it's alright of me to ask for this, but I would appreciate greatly if someone were to help me review this game I played yesterday. I removed my rating from the display, as it doesn't reflect my abilities. I'm guessing my true rating is around 1000+, but I wouldn't know.

Anyway, I've took some time to try and write down a bit of what I was thinking. I'm sorry if the anotations are wrong in any way, it was my first time using this. Like I said, I would greatly appreciate any feedback so that I can understand better what my flaws were :) computer analysis just aren't as helpful for beginners.


Thank you very much for your time.


Hi Khallyx. I think you played a good game with the exception of a few errors that you pointed out yourself. I might have played 35. Qf5+ and then if he blocks with g6 then you have mate in the next two or three moves. If he responds with either h8 or g8, then you could have ideas of Re1 the next movefollowed by Re8#. Qf5 also protects against ...Qxg4+. This just seems to speed up the game a bit to an almost abrupt ending. 


Alright ty :)

Anyone else mind giving a small input?

GeorgeBlackChess123 wrote:

Yes, dont play d4 lol

Whyyy? T.T



I think that in move 3 you could have done:

3.exd5 Qxd5 4.Nc3 winning some time for development

9.Re1 is good, you are putting your rook to the semi open file

16.g4 is not really an attacking move, is just a "weakening" move (for you), now your king is very unsafe, and also that pawn is weak.


I would not have hesitated to play 40. Qg7+

It looks like it gives away the rook, and leaves nothing but pawns, but your pawn queens easily and leaves absolutely no chance for any suprises by the black queen.


Thank you for your input guys, it will be taken to heart.


I see what you mean, I wish I had seen that diagonal for my bishop. Thank you Laughing


Lol, your opponent did really bad.


I mean he blundered


Yes well, 1000+, that's normal :)


You need to stick to the Kizertsky opening (1. F4 e6 g4!)

Beren_Camlost wrote:

You need to stick to the Kizertsky opening (1. F4 e6 g4!)

HA! So funny. Can't breathe.


this guy reported me because i FINALLY beat him after like 7 games. Khallyx is the definition of sore loser.

FrankieValdez000 wrote:

this guy reported me because i FINALLY beat him after like 7 games. Khallyx is the definition of sore loser.

I was just kidding. Jesus, take a chill pill.

I find it funny that you actually took the time to find a thread of mine to post that nonsense in. So ludicrous, I'd be a bit ashamed.




Kman413 wrote:


Don't use d4. If you want to open it is better to use e4.This move lets the Queen and Bishop out. And if you follow up correctly, it can lead to a fast checkmate.

Not only is this a necro, the advice is really bad. e4, Bc4, Qh5 is the way children play - not the way to improve your chess. 


(also, can I make it BB, pay 4 life, bring one thread from graveyard into play? Much more playable =P )


If u can't play just push the pawn!

I dont understans such a6, b3 moves, no plan at  all


AlisonHart, I don't understand your remark "necro". I feel your responce to my note on this subject was rude and uncalled for. I learned to play chess long before you were born. My suggestion to use e4 is used by many players when they begin to learn chess. As for your remark e4, Bc4, Qh5 shows your limited knowledge of openings. There are many ways to followup using e4. It all depends on your opponnents moves. I have no bad feelings towards you. I am 71 years old and learned to play when I was 11years old. In my teens I played in many chess clubs and parks in New York City. There was no internet then. And I was respected for my abilities to attack and defend. The 1960s were wild with the peace & love generation. And I stopped playing and just started again when a friend told me about this site. I looked at your site and you seem to be a nice women. I would tone down my replys. The are to many nasty people here already. I hope you will consider me as an addition to your friends list. Regards, Kman413