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Share the best of your games here!!!!

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    This is one of my best games, played in real life, 1hr 30min + 30 sec tempo...I think you will enyoy

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    in_prasad wrote:
    VaradDeo2147 wrote:

    Subconciously this forum has achieved its main objective...

    The main objective behind posting this forum is the one which is the best way to improve your game; i.e by analyzing your own games.

    most of the players have analyzed and annoted their own games and will remember their analysis of why they won and what did they miss and be able to point out opponent's bad moves, subconciously throughout their life!

    This is a proven method of improving your game and was followed by almost all the grandmasters.

    This revolutionary technique first used by the great Alekhine himself, is the matter of many chess books which inspired me to start this forum.

    +1. We are amateure and terrible players if we start analyses our moves with engines lol. But still we can keep on posting our games. Small request to all let us discuss games without taking engine help. Would like to know what exactly plan/thought for every move.

    frist complete your own analysis of the game and then compare it to the engine, this way we can find out where we went wrong. Though computers are not meant to be beaten, they are very strong in tactics and point out some moves that both the players may have missed, that is why they are used even by top players.

    as an axiom says if we cannot beat them, use them!!!


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    I used to avoid using engines until a couple of years ago when I reached expert level (over 2000). They catch a lot of tactics that I would normally miss in analysis. I think any ambitious player aspiring to reach master should learn how to do analysis with one. They are a very useful learning tool if used properly.

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    hi! i just played a game and i got REALLY lucky. (that seems to be the only way i win nowadays;))


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    sorry i cant make a chess board/diagram at school. can you help me analyze this game?

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    @Varad: I think you didn't understand what lechessplayer ment. He probably cannot make a chess board AT SCHOOL because most of the phones doesn't have that option. It would be silly if he was allowed to play chess with school's computer....

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    This is perhaps my best games where i sac many of the pieces to effect a great threatening mate.

    Guys please let me know how this was.

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    shailesh999 wrote:

    This is perhaps my best games where i sac many of the pieces to effect a great threatening mate.

    Guys please let me know how this was.
    THe opponent is Shakespeare in Chessmaster grandmaster edition software.

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    excellent game shailesh, loved Nxg6 and Re6!!!!

    Hats off to your analysis of the game!!!!

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    till now, knew that humans many times collapse after accepting a sac, merely due to pressure, even though it is not 100% correct, now pretty sure that even computers (other than fritz and other much highrated ones) fall for this!!!!

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    Not sure "Best" is the right word, but I was in a rating free-fall at this point and it just felt good, especially setting up and executing that queen sacrifice to win the game.
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    thank you varaddeo for your insite. i never thought of it that way. i will definitely try to look at more of my games this way!

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    ok i just played this game vs a 12something rated player, and i would like some insight pls. 

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    yes i know i dont do the opening well. it's just not my strong suit.

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    We can start with amateur-hour where I give you my 2 cents lechessplayer. I'm sure better players have better insight to give :)

    At move 11, you move your knight again unpressured. Feels like you at this point have time to develop your other bishop so you can start connecting your rooks and taking more controll of the board. When you castle at move 14. your rooks are still not connected.

    Also not sure I'm a big fan of your taking at move 15., he does get to push open your pawnstructure while his is intact.

    At Move 18, I don't like that pawn-advance. Sure, you balance the exchange, but I feel like you got lucky he didn't plant himself properly in that open file inside your king earlier (he finally does at move 26., but by then you've set up bishop to defend it).


    Still, a good game all in all.

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    thank you mrklin for your insight. i do appreciate it, but i also like to open up my pawn structure a bit (i know. stupid.) if i see a chance to take a (semi)open file. although that's just me. but thanks for your time! i really appreciate it!


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