Shortest GM game


Seriously. So much poor play in 4 moves. Someone find this game in the database.


i dont think a gm played that

1_d41-0 wrote:

i dont think a gm played that


1_d41-0 wrote:

i dont think a gm played that

It might have been an IM


what about anand game e4 e5 nf3 nf6 nxe5 d6 nf3 nxe4 nc3 bf5 qe2


This weekend, at a tournament, I saw an adult about 1750 play 1.f3...


That game is usually credited as being Gibaud vs Lazard, from 1924. While both of those people were masters, neither was a GM.

Moreover, the game appears to not even be real.


As stated above, the Gibeau vs Lazard game's authenticity is questionable; also there were no GM or IM titles in 1924.

The shortest decisive international tournament game that was decided by the position on the board (as opposed to a forfeit or resignation made as a protest, like the second game of the Fischer - Spassky match) was probably Dordevic - Kovacevic, Bela Crkva 1984:


… and who could forget GM Anand's 6-move disaster against GM Zapata at Biel in 1988?


So this last game (Zapata vs Anand, Biel 1988) might be the record holder for GM vs GM decisive games.


what after 2.Nd2 ? can't see rest of the game


I wish I was black in that game.