I like close sicilian much better :)


Yes in the Sozin Variation 0-0 is much better, on idea would be to play h3 after castling and Kh1 with f4 in have to play Bb3 as soon as you can...just be aware that you can look at sacrafice ideas on e6 if black waste to much time...some thing like Bxe6 followed by Nxe6 and Nxg7 and gain the center pawns and anc black wont be able to castle, but if your not a tactical player this is something i would avoid or spead enough time looking over...I suggest Bobby Fischer games cause Fischer was a monster with the Sozin Variation. The other thing too is playing A Yugoslaw attack against the Najdorf is playable but really suggested....i would play the English attack or 6.Bg5 followed by f4 and Qf3 then castle queenside...i play this idea all the time and have good results from it...if you want more help in the Najodorf get John Nunns book Najdorf For The Tournament Player its some what old but a great book for understanding the lines and concepts. If you have any other questions please message me and i can help you out...