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Unclear ending?

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    I used a KIA type of structure as white here and the position seemed to be unbalanced most of the time. I've got to say I  was a bit shocked by his 33...Rxg2+, sacrificing the rook for bishop and two pawns! I got really scared by those 3 passers, although after the game the engine told me I was better the whole time. I played Ra7, with the idea Re7 to draw by perpetual. My opponent, trying to avoid Re7, probably thinking he had good chances to win, missed a mate in one! I got lucky! But before that blunder, what plans would you suggest for both sides. Is perpetual my best shot? Or did I have a win? The game was 15|10.

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    I'm not so sure you just have a perpetual once you double on the 7th.   Once you get your knight to h4, it feels like you may have some serious mate threats. 

    I really hate computer estimations in positions like these.   The computer can find whole sequences of forced moves that humans have zero chance of finding. 

    Clearly, white is playing for mate.  Stopping all the black pawns is probably not possible, so it's mate or perpetual.  Black's defense against this is very hard.  He clearly would like to push pawns if he can.  I'll take white any day as I don't think he has losing chances.

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    36...Bb7 37. Re7 Bxg2 and maybe black can avoid mate threats unless white does a king walk. But white can't possibly lose since there's at least a perpetual.


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