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Useing online game analysis

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    I use online game analysis frequently in turn base games.Sure its a great tool, without it I doubt I'd win a game, any game.The question I have: Should it be used at all ?If you are looking to obtain the mental decipline necessary to play over the board chess I think the answer is " No". You have to visualize all moves and potential threats in OTB chess. The same should apply to turn based games.

    Your thoughts....

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    I guess it will depend upon whether you consider the Analysis Board (and possibly Opening Explorer) as a crutch - or as a power-tool/learning device.

    (See a-tally-of-database-users--non-users for an interesting discussion).

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    Artfizz, I was surprised at the number of players that consider it a northworthy topic.Thank you for the info.Cool


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