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Who is better in this position?

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    White has some targets so he seems a little better.  Also the knight seems better than he black bishop who is stuck behind the pawns.  If black sits around and waits he may be lost.  If he tries to activate his bishop and possibly create some targets of his own with the move c5 maybe it's just a draw.

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    i played b4 exactly because of the weak bishop but after that had less than a minute so couldnt possibly decipher the position.

    Actually black played b5 here, which i had anticipated(rather than the daring c5) and i think it soidified my position. i wanted to analyse the interesting position so posted it here...

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    Actually equal position. c5 is really good for Black, maybe black is slightly better

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    so i guess white's pawn push wasnt such a good move and he should have been content with a draw.
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    that was with exchanges, what if white trudges a different path?

    If i have missed any critical move, please tell me. thnx !!!

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    Rainuchka wrote:

    In your last analysis, much better than 16.h4? (giving air to the bishop) is obviously 16.c3. Black is in trouble: his bishop cannot go out of the prison, and the knight goes to e4.

    after 12.c3 (u got 16 wrong i guess), its still a draw after N reaches the e4 square. black protects the pawn with Be7. white cant play Nc5 because of B*c5 or can he?? lets see...

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    where is the idea of Bg6 by white in this dicussion? it takes a few moves but the black pawn on e6 is undefendable.

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    Rainuchka wrote:

    The question remains, can White hold a draw in the variant 1....c5, 2.dxc5 Kc6!. 

    i dont think so. it'll be 0-1 after d*c5. black's easily winning becoz of the weak e-pawn.

    finally, i think its a darw. white can hold.this is the last line. the thing is white is lost on the board because its very hard to find a good defensive move.

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     Gah, screwed up.  Anyway, 1.c5 2 c3 loses to Kc6, as black will be able to grab e pawn, I think.

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    In most of the lines its either draw or unclear, so i finally put it to test...

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    And after d*c5, black looses with Kc6. i'll put it too since its quite instructive

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    Whites are much better if everything is done to maintain the bishop in action rather than sacrificing, after 3. Kb2 I feel blacks are in better position. 

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    takemura wrote:

    Whites are much better if everythign is doen to maintain the bishop in action rather than sacrificing, after 3. Kb2 I feel blacks are in better position. 

    I dont quite get what u r saying. but check atleast two posts before yours after u have gone through the position.

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    Rainuchka wrote:

    1....c5!, 2.c3 Kc6! and Kd5. Black is much better.

    i would disagree. even after black can get the e-pawn. with c5, c3 Kc6, d*c5 - white will play for win. 

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    didnt see that. but still 

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    i missed something critical again. at Bg7 white has N*c5 followed by Ne4. i m pretty sure that white has atleast a draw in the bag. so put it through an engine or i'll put it later anyway.

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    your analysis seems pretty sound to me and at first look white does look in trouble.








    I played through it and couldnt find a win for either sides. so i put it through the engine but guess what happened!! only dark bishop and white king wandered around a bit before ariving at three fold repition. so much for hoping that computer will see something...

    So i went back and put the position at 5.Kc2  But then the final position is same as in Quote#13 and its a draw. 

    So, finally i think we have seen everything about the position and its a draw with all its complications. check out Quote #15 and #16 if u havent. its played by the engine and is pretty insturctive(at least to me).


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