why does computer want me to play h5?


im sure its obvious but i just want to get your opinions


If you dont, white will play Qh6+ followed by Qg6+


OP is rated 499 in blitz, so will have these kind of questions a lot.  Which is totally fine and understandable, we all start at the beginning.  However, since you can't come here and ask every time, strongly recommend learning to use the computer to answer this type of question.  Try a different move, and see how the computer punishes it.  

Which computer @artnj ? And thank you @IMBacon

If you don't play h5, white can defend. If you play h5, you have two threats and white can only cover one of them.


Well, there is a way to do it here at chess.com.  When your looking at your games on chess.com, you click the board icon on the left and it brings up live stockfish analysis, so you can try out different moves.  You could also get say Smallfish on iphone or Droidfish on android (both free).  

I mean, we are happy to help, but its just handy to be able to try to get answers from the computer.  Often it works.  Sometimes it doesn't, because the computer is seeing something way beyond you, or way beyond any human.  Worth a try though.  

Like lets say you are wondering why qb4 check or qxb2 doesn't work instead.  You just put either move in, and the computer will show you what it would do and you'll see how it works out.  


That's good advice, ArtNJ, but I think that the OP would be even better served if, before going to the computer, he makes a try at solving the problem himself. It's never to early to start asking yourself, does my opponent have any checks or captures? 


wesleyn1, you played a 30 minute game recently where you arrived in this position:

You spent 30 seconds thinking, then you eventually played the move Bc3??

Can you please do 2 things for me:

1) Tell me what your thought process was for making that move.

2) Solve this puzzle to find a much better combination (winning instead of losing).


@deranged my finger slipped frustrated.png meant to grab the queen.